Direct Mail Campaigns

The challenge: Reintroduce a 100 year old brand that hadn’t really marketed itself much in the last 20 years as a valuable and modern banking option. Ethic’s solution? Value-driven messaging and a focus on technological simplicity put a slightly older customer base at ease, while convincing potential new customers that Brand Bank was their best option. The result was this three month direct mail campaign generated almost 100 new personal and business checking accounts, totaling more than 30M in deposits.

Ascentra Grand Opening Ad

Advertising a new branch opening, family day and a low rate auto loan all at once made for an interesting design challenge. With a limited marketing budget for television, print and online advertising added to the mix, we needed a concept that could be implemented creatively and affordably across all channels. The team at Ethic recreated the Quad Cities out of construction paper in our studio, blending the community’s rural roots and new city growth. That vibrant paperscape gave us all the tools we needed for a visually interesting and cohesive campaign.