Never out of style – Print Ad

Print advertising campaign – Montez Renault grooming products are made to support all men, no matter who they are or how they define themselves. You are never out of style. Since Montez Renault is yet to be a household name, each ad incorporates a product image that is tied to a set a rules for men. Each rule is a clever means to help describe each product.


Rule 21: Women don’t have a lock on bad hair days.
Our Paraben and Sulfate free, hair products are specifically designed for the modern
man to leave you clean, confident and always in style.

Rule 15: Stop looking for the fountain of youth.
With products like our Jojoba Smoothing Scrub, with carefully chosen botanical extracts and antioxidants, your skin will feel rejuvenated, refreshed and always in style.

Rule 56: Looks aren’t important. Second looks are.
After a workout or before a night out, our 3-in-1 Performance Body-wash will put you at the top of your game and always in style.