More hands make light work. In our case, they make magic. Get the right people together in the right environment and there’s no need for layers of account executives or admin people. We work directly with our clients, and directly with each other, to help every brand live its best life.

So that’s us, and here’s what we do.

Ethic is a creative branding agency that delivers experienced perspectives alongside clever, head-turning design. We know that communicating a brand’s unique capabilities to its audience requires a coordinated, day-to-day effort and a rock-solid plan of attack, and we’re there for all of it. Our job is to help great brands find their voice, and to stay in step long after our deliverables hit the market. Brand makers, brand keepers, storytellers, finders of lost treasure—we do it all.

Purposefully located in downtown East Point, minutes from Atlanta and the world’s busiest airport, we offer all the skill and prowess of a big city agency with none of the corporate mire. We take pride in an honest, hard day’s work, tailor-crafted design that solves real-world problems, and the decency of forthright, two-way communication. We’re built on work ethic; it’s in our name, and it’s how we approach the day.