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As a technological innovator in the ‘70s, EEC’s image was initially driven by engineers and scientists, whose presentation was defined by technical diagrams and dry white papers. That approach served them just fine for 35 years, until a torrent of global competition forced them to take a hard look at their brand.

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EEC tagline

Ethic was selected from several southern firms to lead EEC’s brand overhaul, and we ran in headlong. Our intensive discovery summit with members of EEC’s management, sales, and technology led us to an essential revelation: weather radar at its core is really about protecting people and assets. That insight inspired a new tagline and propelled the new brand direction.

EEC Radar


Defender Series Radar Defender Series
Endurance Series Radar Endurance Series
Ranger Series Radar Ranger Series

Newly-named Ranger mobile systems sold more units in the first month of the brand relaunch than the entire previous year

EEC Brochures
EEC Brochures
EEC Tradeshow Graphics
EEC Tradeshow Graphics
EEC Tradeshow Graphics
EEC Tradeshow Graphics
EEC Brochures

Growth spurred by new market strength allowed EEC to expand and acquire a satellite division, which we named and branded.

EEC became a complete remote sensing provider by acquiring a satellite groundstation competitor. We named this new division TeleSpace. We looked towards the moon, stars, and deities of old to develop a unique naming system for the new division’s product line.


Oberon is the king of the fairies in a Shakespeare play, and also a character in German and French legends. This is the king of all ground stations, with an additional European application


Protean - derived from Proteus, the shape shifting sea god - means versatile, mutable, capable of assuming many forms. This software is versatile, flexible and powerful.


Perceived as the sixth brightest star, it’s actually four stars in two binary pairs. Binary stars are two stars orbiting a central mass, which relates to the pair of GOES satellites orbiting the earth.


Telesto was a sea goddess, one of the daughters of Titans Oceanus and Tethys. This relates to the weather and cyclone forecasting.


One of this deity’s aspects relates to movement, passage and time, which relates to the portability of this ground station.


Hyperion was the Titan god of watchfulness and observation. This virtual groundstation features the ability to look for and accept data from anywhere on the internet.

Touchscreen presentation designed for a regional market pitch was deemed “the best we’ve ever seen” by NBC network executives

Ethic was tasked with creating a logo for EEC's new anaylsis and visualization software suite, EDGE 7, which features the ability to extract, display, and interpret weather radar data.

The new logo needed to fit in with the range of current EEC materials and look fresh and modern. To view the full color logo and more, see the dedicated EDGE 7 page.