North is true. The sun rises to the East. The west? Won.

Those points of the compass have had their day. It’s our turn now.

Atlanta’s Southside is where Ethic was born, and we’ve never left. It’s more than a place. It’s a state of mind. We share values with this community; work ethic, diversity, honesty, and a can-do attitude.


We Started A Revolution


We worked with our local DMO, ATL Airport District, to bring the area’s first ever multi-faceted cycling event to Atlanta’s Southside. From creating a brand identity, to designing everything—the posters! the website! the cycling jerseys! the awards! the social media campaign! even routing the course for each event—we were involved every step of the way. We successfully introduced cycling to the Southside in 2018, and we’re gearing up to do it again.

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We Blazed A Trail


We partnered with MTB Atlanta to help build trails in our own backyard. East Point’s Sykes Park now houses the flagship trails for the Ride and Fly MTB Experience, a destination mountain biking system that when completed will circle the world’s busiest airport, connecting the Southside to rest of the city. Ethic went out for a team building exercise and unearthed more than trails—we helped create history.

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We Brought The Arts South

LocalMotion Festival

The newly-formed Atlanta Tri-Cities Arts Association needed some help relaunching their arts festival, LocalMotion, after 16 years as the Historic College Park Arts Festival (say that five times fast). Ethic jumped in and rebranded the event with logo design, marketing materials, website development, social media expertise, and so much more.

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