Rusk Packaging

Before introducing the US market to Red Tea, Kalahari started with a South African breakfast staple called a Rusk. Used by solders to cross the hot Kalahari desert, the rusk was packed with energy and could last a long time before spoiling. While looking similar to a biscotti, the lack of sweetness unfortunately didn’t appeal to the US market. And while the rusk itself lacked spark the Kalahari packaging was good enough to land several major grocers and enough brand recognition for an easy transition to later products.

This client walked into our office out of the blue in 2008 and Ethic has been their advertising agency ever since. After successfully selling on Amazon it was time to take their Invigo line to the next level so a custom e-commerce site was created. To keep on budget, and to be truly unique, we shot the lifestyle photography using friends and family as models. Not too bad for a bunch of amateurs!