EEC Trade Show Graphics

A new tradeshow booth was known from day one of the rebrand the entire timing of the rollout was based around it. By the start of the show, Ethic hit the mark from A to Z, and by the end of the show EEC had ten new radar contracts to show for everyone’s hard work. We’d like think we had a part in that.

General Awareness Campaign

Southeastern Federal Credit Union is located in the billboard capital of the south, so it was no surprise that our first campaign would have its share of them. In a very saturated banking market, SFCU has over the years struggled with how best to communicate to the community that they can become a member – with a very loose charter that basically encompasses 10 counties, chances are, most can. A general awareness campaign was set in place, using lots of white space and a simple message to help it stand out from a substantial amount of billboard clutter fighting for your attention.