Marketing On A Strict Budget

Sticking to a razor-thin budget doesn’t mean sending our imaginations home early. At Ethic, we never throw our hands up and turn to stock templates. We’re used to working with budgets of all sizes, and no matter what, our philosophy is the same: do absolutely as much as we can while staying just within the limits. Sure, boundless work scopes can be fun, but all projects begin the same way: with careful forethought about how to realistically—yet creatively—develop memorable material that makes the most of whatever we’ve got. Big or small, Ethic pushes the boundaries to make every project feel completely custom, high-end, and on-brand while maximizing every penny.

Brand Strategy

Your brand is more than your logo, name and slogan—it’s the entire experience that your audience has with your organization, product, or service. And it’s got a lot of moving parts. To keep all the elements of your brand working in tandem toward your institution’s goals, you need a long-term brand strategy to inform every decision along the way. It defines what you stand for, what promises you make, and what personality you convey. In practice, it forms a handy-dandy roadmap to keep your brand on track.

Brand Awareness

In 2006, Alcoa Employees and Community Credit Union, a longstanding Midwestern financial institution, needed to separate from the world’s third-largest aluminum producer. (Tale as old as time, right?) After settling on a new name and logo, the newly-christened Ascentra brought in the Ethic team to take over the development of their young brand, and we’ve been nurturing and helping it grow ever since.