Member One Gives

Member One Federal Credit Union launched its foundation, Member One Gives, in 2023 with a mission to bring new and better forms of support to underserved parts of its surrounding communities through career programs, charitable giving, and more. Ethic was involved from the outset, participating in the naming discussion and creating a fully-formed sub-brand around it. The logo emphasizes the word “one,” with a single wedge highlighted and offset to illustrate the idea of a whole comprising important individual parts, as is the case for both Member One and the community it serves.

The Member One Gives circle element is new, but it’s employed in a way that echoes the main brand’s “DynamO,” which helps the two brands feel related. The foundation is also tied to the main brand through the use of the standard Member One palette, but with a simple twist: where Member One’s retail side uses its vibrant purple as a secondary color and its comforting light blue as an accent, we’ve simply swapped these roles to give the foundation a distinct personality.