GMAC Bank Logo

For more than 20 years the partners at Ethic have worked as creative directors, designers and consultants for a large number of Credit Unions, Banks and other financial institutions. Our past experience is a who’s who in the financial industry, like Fifth Third Bank, First Union, Bank of America and First Community Credit Union. We’re proud of all of our work, including our complete brand development of GMAC Bank, now Ally Bank.
Pointing to existing relationships with nearly 25 million loyal consumers, GM and GMAC Financial Services recognized great potential in offering banking services to its significant customer base. With a keen eye toward the target audience’s wide-ranging ages, ethnicities and annual incomes, a logo was developed along with a tag line and all graphic communication components to make up a visually compelling, instantly recognizable GMACBank brand. The outcome? A veritable SUV of branding campaigns: quick off the line, loaded with power, and built rock-solid for the long haul.
GMAC Corporate Identity and brand marks
The goal was to create an identity program that reflected the strong brand affinity associated with GMAC and leveraged the stability associated with General Motors. On-target messaging was captured and test-group proven in the tag line, “Expect more from someone you know.”

Rusk Packaging

Before introducing the US market to Red Tea, Kalahari started with a South African breakfast staple called a Rusk. Used by solders to cross the hot Kalahari desert, the rusk was packed with energy and could last a long time before spoiling. While looking similar to a biscotti, the lack of sweetness unfortunately didn’t appeal to the US market. And while the rusk itself lacked spark the Kalahari packaging was good enough to land several major grocers and enough brand recognition for an easy transition to later products.