Spin the District Logo

Spin the District

Spin the District is a series of cycling events that Ethic has been instrumental in conceiving, branding, marketing and promoting since 2018. We named it after its original purpose, which was to add a positive “spin” to people’s flagging perceptions of Southside Atlanta—specifically, the ATL Airport District, an area just outside Atlanta proper, surrounding the airport. There’s nothing actually wrong with the District, but old stereotypes die hard.

So Ethic, along with the District, came up with a plan to showcase the area by drawing the public in for a handful of annual cycling events across various disciplines. Calling it “Spin” was an obvious fit, because bikes, of course. We gave it a graphic logo in red, blue and navy, the brand colors of the District, with a vintage typeface and the image of a bicycle gear. It’s simple, iconic, and effortlessly cool—just like the Southside.