Rusk Packaging

Kalahari Rusk Packaging

Before introducing the US market to Red Tea, Kalahari started with a South African breakfast staple called a Rusk. Used by solders to cross the hot Kalahari desert, the rusk was packed with energy and could last a long time before spoiling. While looking similar to a biscotti, the lack of sweetness unfortunately didn’t appeal to the US market. And while the rusk itself lacked spark the Kalahari packaging was good enough to land several major grocers and enough brand recognition for an easy transition to later products.

Red Tea Packaging

Kalahari Red Tea

Kalahari was one of the first to import Red Tea into the United States. Using the desert themed design from the Rusk packaging – this design was such a hit that Kroger, Publix, Whole Foods and others had up to 5 sku’s on the shelf at a time.

Updated Brand Packaging

After dominating the Red Tea market for years, Kalahari was starting to feel the pressure of competition from the major players in the tea industry. With little capital left, Kalahari came to us for one last stand. Ethic’s new design, in our eyes, was the cream of the crop – unfortunately, soon after design approval, Kalahari packed it in and called it a day. It’s disappointing to see something you’ve worked so hard on not come to fruition, but that’s sometimes the name of the game.

MLB Sales Promotion

Since The Weather Channel is the official weather service of Major League Baseball, a digital sales promo themed around the beginning of the season was right in their strike zone.
A set of 15 custom designed “trading cards” featuring products, sales statistics, branded messaging and TWC personalities was the central piece of the kit. Each kit contained 20 packs of cards, a batting helmet, branded drink coozies, peanuts and boxes of Cracker Jack and the whole thing was presented on an “infield” placemat. 20 of the 300 kits had a “golden ticket” randomly inserted in one of the packs – the finder got tickets to game in their region, courtesy of The Weather Channel!

FLOT Topper Packaging

Flõt (pronounced float) toppers is the latest hi-tech offering from Latexco. Unlike traditional memory foam, this revolutionary topper uses material that makes it feel like you’re floating on your bed and not sinking into it. Starting with the name, Ethic has had its hands dirty in the evolution of the new brand, which includes package design and naming of each product.

Gift Boxes

Just in time for the holiday’s. With a little creative package design, a simple box gives Montez Renault big rewards. Using the same die, Ethic created a series of gift boxes that are unique to each set, through color blocking and text while being flexible enough to accommodate up to four products. Each gift box set was developed to create visual interest by stacking together on a shelf like a puzzle to form a variety of pattern combinations.