Spin All Day Lager

Spin the District Lager

In 2022, Ethic partnered with Arches Brewing and the ATL Airport District to name, design, and develop a tasty brew for Spin the District, a local cycling event that Ethic has a large hand in. The design incorporates Spin’s brand aesthetic in exuberant color blocks, anchored by the organic touch of a hand-sketched bicycle diagram.

The beer was first debuted and sold at the 2022 Spin the District kickoff. It was available throughout both spring events, the Hapeville Crit and the College Park Crit, to with resounding success amongst attendees.

Born right here in the District, this easy-drinking American Amber Lager helps keep our wheels true and our spokes a-turnin’ with its malty foundation, bitter noble hops, and a hint of caramel.

Ethic’s tasting notes