Marketing On A Strict Budget

Sticking to a razor-thin budget doesn’t mean sending our imaginations home early. At Ethic, we never throw our hands up and turn to stock templates. We’re used to working with budgets of all sizes, and no matter what, our philosophy is the same: do absolutely as much as we can while staying just within the limits. Sure, boundless work scopes can be fun, but all projects begin the same way: with careful forethought about how to realistically—yet creatively—develop memorable material that makes the most of whatever we’ve got. Big or small, Ethic pushes the boundaries to make every project feel completely custom, high-end, and on-brand while maximizing every penny.



Winnebago, a 7,000-member community credit union located in a saturated Wisconsin market, contacted us to develop a 30-second commercial for their 10-year fixed mortgage campaign. Their budget and timeline were tight, but the work still needed to stand up against the bigger players in the Oshkosh area. They came to us with a pretty tight concept in mind and set us loose, trusting us to quickly return with a creative solution. We finished the spot ahead of their deadline and on budget. We also went the extra mile to name and brand the mortgage program as Perfect 10. The creative was so well received that we’re carrying the style forward to their next television spot.

  • Advertising
  • Animation
  • TV Spot

"I was originally drawn to Ethic after admiring work they did for another credit union. It was evident immediately that their team is creative and talented, but what struck me most is how quickly and effectively the Ethic team conceived a hard-hitting lending message while incorporating the unique qualities of Winnebago Community Credit Union. When you’re good, things seem easy…and that certainly describes our partnership with Ethic."

Joel Prunty | VP-Marketing

The Perfect 10 went so well, we created a few more, staying well within their budget