Ascentra Credit Union: Fran & Friends

A mascot or illustrated spokesperson can be an effective way to help your audience build connections with your brand, both visually and emotionally. In the case of Ascentra Credit Union, this approach also allows us to bring brand unity to the client’s especially wide variety of offers and benefits. Creatively, these characters are also a lot of fun to work with, because they give us a base with which to illustrate all kinds of situations. Here’s how Ethic has taken Ascentra’s mascot game to the next level.

Fran in a boat
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How It Started:
From Gum to Glam

Ascentra’s previous mascot, Franklin, was a jovial (but often nude) Gumby-esque figure who, despite enjoying a multitude of adventures over the years, was ready to retire. To replace him, Ethic developed Fran, a vivacious redhead with a passion for orange, turquoise, and credit union benefits. Not only is Fran up for literally anything—golfing, rowing, long-haul trucking—she’s also never at a loss for something cute to wear.

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Fran and Franklin

No Fran Is An Island

The spirit of inclusivity is alive and well at Ascentra Credit Union, and Fran’s social circle reflects the diversity of the Ascentra community. They share Fran’s bright aesthetic, and are always seen in settings that reflect their beloved Midwestern surroundings.

Fran and Friends

A Fran For All Seasons

One of our favorite things about Fran and friends is their penchant for light-hearted fun, especially when it comes to seasonal advertising. Sweet or silly, they’re ready to adapt to any scenario.

Hol-ee-day Loan ad
Ascentra Holiday ad
Ascentra Holiday ad
Ascentra Holiday ad

Fran in Motion

Because Fran and her friends were developed in a flat vector style with animation in mind, we can add them to engaging animated TV and social media spots with seamless efficiency. This gives us more options, whether a particular project is long or short on time—and budget.