Direct Mailer

Ascentra partnered with Insightful Quantifiable Results (IQR) in 2014 to help review their credit card portfolio. Through the data analytics it was determined their member’s likelihood to respond to a balance transfer and credit line increase offer based on the members spending habits. We built upon the fresh branding look that was developed in 2013, by creating a direct mail campaign focused on increasing credit card usage and retention in return also increasing their credit card portfolio.Separate letters were created that were visually stimulating in order to engage the member and stand out from the traditional form letters. These direct mailers proved to be the best way to engage Ascentra’s Visa owners.

Billboard Campaign

Coming up with this years campaign, Ethic and Ascentra looked at what made Ascentra who they are; Customer service came up over and over again as their main differentiator. A request went out to members asking if they would like to participate in this years campaign. We were inundated with stories from members and staff, who happily wanted to express their appreciate and gratitude. Three initial stories where developed into a full advertising campaign complete with TV, Radio, Billboard, In-branch Marketing, plus a variety of Print and Digital advertising. A few weeks later, a local paper voted Ascentra as the best financial institution in the Quad Cities, confirming what all already knew.

ValleyStar Animation

After 61 years, Martinsville Dupont Credit Union needed to change their name. The credit union had grown and was servicing areas well beyond their namesake. Ethic was brought in to develop a video meant to ease any concerns long time Martinsville members may have, while introducing the new brand to their new 5 county member base. – New Name. Same great credit union. Say hello to ValleyStar.

HELOC TV Advertising

Design and development of a 30 second TV advertising spot for Ascentra Credit Union, using Ascentra’s “Franklin” mascot to dream up how to use their new Home Equity Line of Credit! Use the HELOC for travel, to pay off high interest debt, for a special project… anything you can dream up! Corresponding radio spots, print ads, social media advertising and in-branch marketing materials where also developed to support the TV advertising air time in and around the Quad Cities area.