Direct Mail Campaigns

The challenge: Reintroduce a 100 year old brand that hadn’t really marketed itself much in the last 20 years as a valuable and modern banking option. Ethic’s solution? Value-driven messaging and a focus on technological simplicity put a slightly older customer base at ease, while convincing potential new customers that Brand Bank was their best option. The result was this three month direct mail campaign generated almost 100 new personal and business checking accounts, totaling more than 30M in deposits.

Direct Mailer

Ascentra partnered with Insightful Quantifiable Results (IQR) in 2014 to help review their credit card portfolio. Through the data analytics it was determined their member’s likelihood to respond to a balance transfer and credit line increase offer based on the members spending habits. We built upon the fresh branding look that was developed in 2013, by creating a direct mail campaign focused on increasing credit card usage and retention in return also increasing their credit card portfolio.Separate letters were created that were visually stimulating in order to engage the member and stand out from the traditional form letters. These direct mailers proved to be the best way to engage Ascentra’s Visa owners.