Direct Mailer

Ascentra partnered with Insightful Quantifiable Results (IQR) in 2014 to help review their credit card portfolio. Through the data analytics it was determined their member’s likelihood to respond to a balance transfer and credit line increase offer based on the members spending habits. We built upon the fresh branding look that was developed in 2013, by creating a direct mail campaign focused on increasing credit card usage and retention in return also increasing their credit card portfolio.Separate letters were created that were visually stimulating in order to engage the member and stand out from the traditional form letters. These direct mailers proved to be the best way to engage Ascentra’s Visa owners.

ValleyStar Annual Report

This was ValleyStar’s first annual report since their name change from Martinsville Dupont Credit Union a few months earlier. As with any major change, they were concerned with tempering loyal, existing members fears – many who have been with them since the beginning – into understanding that for them nothing would change. At the same time the new annual report design needed to reinvigorated their brand to attract a younger audience. To bring both groups together, “Proud Of Our Past, Focused On Our Future” messaging was developed for the annual report, along with a mix of historic and modern photography. The end result was a fresh new approach and continued development of the rejuvenated brand. The new messaging was reinforced through new billboards, print ads and in-store signage.