MyMobile Marketing Campaign

Get Happy with the Ascentra MyMobile App. Ethic named and developed this marketing campaign for Ascentra’s mobile banking app, which is part of their Zip online management suite. MyMobile gives you fast access to your accounts – anytime, anywhere. Campaign included a billboards, print ads, digital marketing and a variety of in branch promotional materials.

Ascentra HELOC Print Ad

Ascentra’s new Home Equity Line of Credit, dares you to Dream Big. Turn your home’s equity into a new master suite, a dream vacation or to pay off your debt with this low interest loan. Ethic developed a full print ad and digital campaign for the launch that was as big as your dreams. Campaign assets for the HELOC marketing campaign included TV advertising, radio spot, print advertising, social media advertising and in-branch marketing materials.

Check Selfies

Multi-platform campaign for Ascentra Credit Union’s new Mobile Check Deposits – Now with the click of your phone, make deposits in seconds. Finally a selfie that actually has social value. Campaign included, print and digital advertising, social media, in-branch promotional graphics, including table toppers, counter cards, drive-up banners and plasma graphics

Community Growth Campaign

In 2014, Ascentra built upon the exciting new brand look we developed in 2013 and created a campaign focused solely on new member growth. In addition to attracting new members, their goal was to become their primary financial institution. Ascentra did this by encouraging new members to sign up for direct deposit when opening a checking account. They put their value proposition “Listening, caring, doing what’s right” into action during the member drive with an incentive centered around giving back to the community. For every new member that opened a checking account with direct deposit, Ascentra donated $25 to the school of the new member’s choice. If the member did not have a school of choice, Ascentra donated the $25 to the Children’s Miracle Network University of Iowa Children’s Hospital.
In this campaign we continued the “paper city” look and began to give “Franklin” – our “Switch” campaign mascot – a bigger role in our marketing efforts. Franklin represents everyone who is fed up with banks and are looking for a change in how they bank. We developed a social marketing opportunity that featured human-sized Franklin silhouettes with a cut-out a new members face. The large Franklins were put in each branch and members were encouraged to snap a picture of themselves as Franklin and upload it to their social media pages with the hashtag “#Switch2Ascentra”. This member-generated campaign content exposed Ascentra to more potential new members and gave them a way to track their reach. To further enhance the retention of the “Switch2Ascentra” campaign, we created a seven foot tall mascot/costume and sent a real, live version of Franklin out into the community to spread the Ascentra message. You can see him here.
We know that switching financial institutions is a hassle for most people. To help them overcome that obstacle and make switching easier, Ethic designed and developed a “Fresh Start Kit” to facilitate the process. The kit was made available in branch and online. Creating those tools was only half the battle though. Ascentra also deployed a team dedicated to helping members through the transition and connected them with our most popular automatic withdrawal vendors which made things even easier on our new members.
The promotion ended in great success with continuing on-going public relations through local media, social media and area schools. A total of $25,175 was donated, with $14,775 given to area schools and $10,400 was donated to the Children’s Miracle Network University of Iowa Children’s Hospital.
Switch Marketing Blitz included TV, Radio, Print Ads, Banner Ads, Post Cards, Statement Stuffers, Billboards and social media advertising and marketing.

Never out of style – Print Ad

Print advertising campaign – Montez Renault grooming products are made to support all men, no matter who they are or how they define themselves. You are never out of style. Since Montez Renault is yet to be a household name, each Ad incorporates a product image that is tied to a set a rules for men. Each rule is a cleaver means to help describe each product.