MLB Sales Promotion

Since The Weather Channel is the official weather service of Major League Baseball, a digital sales promo themed around the beginning of the season was right in their strike zone.
A set of 15 custom designed “trading cards” featuring products, sales statistics, branded messaging and TWC personalities was the central piece of the kit. Each kit contained 20 packs of cards, a batting helmet, branded drink coozies, peanuts and boxes of Cracker Jack and the whole thing was presented on an “infield” placemat. 20 of the 300 kits had a “golden ticket” randomly inserted in one of the packs – the finder got tickets to game in their region, courtesy of The Weather Channel!

Ken Rosskopf is a cycling staple and over the years has dedicated much of his law practice to the active community. (Cycling, runners, walkers, etc.) Ken asked for a no nonsense site that looks and functions well. Currently is ranked one or two in most searches, only being edged out by his friend and competition,, and as luck would have it was also built by the team at Ethic. Job well done in our books.
Launch Site

This client walked into our office out of the blue in 2008 and Ethic has been their advertising agency ever since. After successfully selling on Amazon it was time to take their Invigo line to the next level so a custom e-commerce site was created. To keep on budget, and to be truly unique, we shot the lifestyle photography using friends and family as models. Not too bad for a bunch of amateurs!