Rusk Packaging

Before introducing the US market to Red Tea, Kalahari started with a South African breakfast staple called a Rusk. Used by solders to cross the hot Kalahari desert, the rusk was packed with energy and could last a long time before spoiling. While looking similar to a biscotti, the lack of sweetness unfortunately didn’t appeal to the US market. And while the rusk itself lacked spark the Kalahari packaging was good enough to land several major grocers and enough brand recognition for an easy transition to later products.

Retail Environments

For more than 20 years the partners at Ethic have worked as creative directors, designers and consultants for a large number of Credit Unions, Banks and other financial institutions. Our past experience is a who’s who in the financial industry like Fifth Third Bank, First Union, Bank of America and First Community Credit Union. We’re proud of all of our work, including our complete overhaul of Allegacy Federal Credit Union.

Red Tea Packaging

Kalahari was one of the first to import Red Tea into the United States. Using the desert themed design from the Rusk packaging – this design was such a hit that Kroger, Publix, Whole Foods and others had up to 5 sku’s on the shelf at a time.