Six West Logo

Six West

Six West is a mixed use development in College Park, Georgia, on a site that has sat undeveloped for decades after being cleared to build a runway for Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport—a project long since abandoned.

The plot’s working title, “Airport City,” drastically understated the area’s character and history. So when Ethic was tapped to name and brand the new development, we saw it as an opportunity to influence the narrative of the city and the Southside.

We named it Six West because we believe it’s proud of what and where it is: the tract of land just west of downtown College Park, a bit west of the airport, occupying the west side of the Southside. With the development of this land into a new concept that will shape the growth and prosperity of the area, College Park engages in a modern, peaceful westward expansion of hope and optimism. The “six” alludes to the six roads that run through it, connecting the development to downtown and beyond. (It’s also a wink to the sixth runway and College Park’s resilience in the face of encroaching interests.)

These six roads, named for five Ivy League colleges and John Wesley, are an essential element of College Park’s narrative. By referencing the area’s connections both to the cities around it and to the history on which we now build, we memorialize the site’s past—while looking to the development itself for the future.

The logo we designed is a literal icon, proclaiming the numeral 6 loud and clear, comprised of six lines—or streets—all pointing west. We used a mix of sans-serif and serif fonts for maximum readability and gave it a strong, contemporary magenta to help it stand out from surrounding properties.