Opus Logo


Ethic was approached by Global Excel, a full-service company in Canada providing cost containment, claims management, and medical assistance. Their goal for us was to develop a brand from the ground up for their maiden launch into the U.S. market, including market analysis, naming, logo design, brand development, and core messaging.

Our principal challenge was to reach both the Insurer and the Insured, and we did so with copy, colors, marketing materials, and imagery that are straightforward, easy to understand, and personable. What began as an assortment of ideas and values ultimately converged into a striking brand that delivers compelling results and, like the company itself, helps to move healthcare forward.

We undertook extensive research and dozens of name-storming sessions to land on Opus MedStrategies, a name that calls forth a vast body of work, meticulously produced.

The name Opus speaks to the breadth of services they offer, a full score of cost containment solutions and data-driven insights that support informed decision making for the payer, provider, and patient. Far from being a one-note company, Opus’ oeuvre demonstrates their ability to transform and simplify access to healthcare.

The Opus story is transformative and comprehensive, so we focused on finding unexpected ways to evoke transparency, access, evolution, and integrity.