The ATL Airport Chamber

After rebranding the ATL Airport Chamber, Ethic took a look at its out-of-date website. It hadn’t been designed with regular updates in mind, and it was handcuffed to a proprietary hosting platform that made edits difficult, so team members didn’t feel they had reasonable control over the content. The look was outdated as well, and the site wasn’t configured to be viewed on mobile devices or smaller screens.

Long story short, it had to go.

The New Site: Beautiful and Usable

Ethic migrated the Chamber to new hosting and redesigned the site from the ground up to be visually appealing, fully responsive, user-friendly and easy to navigate without getting lost. We built it on the Wordpress platform, making it a cinch for team members to update with minimal training and zeroprior experience—whether they’re editing existing pages or adding media of any type (photo galleries, videos, stories, etc.). Stale, difficult-to-update content is a distant memory now that the team canmake changes with a few intuitive clicks.

Launch Site

Backend and Integrations

The Chamber team had also been unhappy with the features and usability of their membershipmanagement software (Wild Apricot), so we migrated them to a customized version of MembershipWorks and fully integrated it withtheir new WordPress site for a seamless backend experience. This allowed us to add a Chamber member directory to the site andgive users the ability to create event listings, which are monitored and approved by the site administrator. Posted events, which can be free or require membership registration (with the ability to pay directly on the site), are then displayed publicly in a list or calendar view. All membership billing and automated subscriptions were configured and built into the system, including Quickbooks integration.

We also made it possible for team members to easily include banner ads across the website, and to collect email addresses and distribute newsletters directly from the WordPress admin panel, which helps them stay connected to members.

SEO and Training

As part of the redesign, we performed a search engine optimization (SEO) audit of all content and updated all metadata to improve search engine rankings. Analytics tracking was also integrated into the site to monitor SEO performance.

After the site was launched, we created a user guide to help team members learn and use the new website. We also had several in-person training meetings to ensure everyone knew how to use the system and had the opportunity to ask questions. Now, years later, our relationship with the ATL Airport Chamber continues to thrive; the team does a wonderful job operating the site without our help, and when needed, we assist with functionality updates and additions to help the Chamber team keep things humming.

Before its site redesign, we worked with The Chamber team on their branded identity. After completing a competitive analysis for the Airport Area Chamber of Commerce, it was quickly decided they needed a full rebrand. So, Ethic started with a new name;the ATL Airport Chamber was born.