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Every destination has qualities that draw visitors in. At Ethic, we enjoy the process of figuring out what those are, where they fit together, and how to show visitors the whole picture—in the exact right light.


Visit Sandy Springs

Sandy Springs offers the convenience of an Atlanta-adjacent suburb—but Atlanta has lots of suburbs. Lucky for Sandy Springs, this one is set apart by luxurious outdoor recreation that’s rarely found in a metropolitan setting. Ethic’s “Play Outside Atlanta” campaign spotlights this key strength with evocative visuals that help newcomers feel the joy of visiting a destination worth texting home about.

Visit Sandy Springs ad
Tag lines

The Many Sides of Sandy Springs

At the same time that we introduced the dynamic “Play Outside Atlanta” campaign, we also brought in “Work. Life. Balanced.” as a brand tagline. Sandy Springs is a high-end suburb with the additional advantage of bordering the upscale Atlanta neighborhood of Buckhead, making it a smart, popular choice for Atlanta’s business travelers. With this tagline, we reach out to corporate visitors, encouraging them to extend their stay through the weekend and unwind in the expansive outdoor beauty of Sandy Springs.

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Visit Sandy Springs ad

Highlighting Every Facet

Ethic’s brochure takes the many, many great things about visiting Sandy Springs and concentrates them down to the details that truly distinguish it: the city’s proximity to Atlanta; high-end shopping, dining, lodging and entertainment; and beautiful, usable, well-maintained natural spaces.

To spotlight each of these attributes, we designed a clever brochure that reveals and redefines various aspects of the destination as each panel is unfolded. Gone are the traditional restaurant listings and hotel charts that are virtually always out of date by the time the brochure hits the rack anyway—that stuff is already on the website! Instead, the brochure is guilelessly aspirational, using genuine destination snapshots to guide the reader through the experience of visiting this photogenic city.