Mobile Banking App Design

We understand our strengths just as equally as we understand when to work with partners more suited and capable for the project in hand. App development is not in our wheelhouse, but we know App design. We can manage the project through our partners or get your development team all the right elements needed to give you a robust, custom, branded look that your company and brand deserves. From The Weather Channel to our credit union clients, Ethic has the experience and knowledge to extend your brand across all kinds of platforms.

Switch Kit

Make the switch to Ascentra using the “Fresh Start” switch kit, designed and developed by Ethic. Switching has never been easier, with three ways of switching. New members can pick up the above packet at any branch location, or download it from the Ascentra website to print out and take in, or use Ascentra’s new Click Switch tool and do everything securely and easily online. Ethic designed and developed the kit, along with working to brand and market the new Click Switch program.

Franklin Mascot

In 2013 through the development of Ascentra’s paper city campaign, a generic character was starting to be used within various marketing materials. Soon we named him “Franklin” and eventually he started getting a bigger role and became the mascot for Ascentra Switch campaign. Franklin represents everyone who is fed up with banks and has decided to make the switch to Ascentra. We developed a social marketing opportunity that featured human-sized Franklin silhouettes with a cut-out for your face. The large Franklins were put in each branch and members were encouraged to snap a picture of themselves as Franklin and upload it to their social media pages with the hashtag “#Switch2Ascentra”. This member-generated campaign content exposed Ascentra to more potential new members and gave us a way to track their reach. To further enhance the retention of the “Switch2Ascentra” campaign, we created a seven foot tall mascot/costume and sent a real, live version of Franklin out into the community to spread the Ascentra message.