Franklin Mascot

In 2013 through the development of Ascentra’s paper city campaign, a generic character was starting to be used within various marketing materials. Soon we named him “Franklin” and eventually he started getting a bigger role and became the mascot for Ascentra Switch campaign. Franklin represents everyone who is fed up with banks and has decided to make the switch to Ascentra. We developed a social marketing opportunity that featured human-sized Franklin silhouettes with a cut-out for your face. The large Franklins were put in each branch and members were encouraged to snap a picture of themselves as Franklin and upload it to their social media pages with the hashtag “#Switch2Ascentra”. This member-generated campaign content exposed Ascentra to more potential new members and gave us a way to track their reach. To further enhance the retention of the “Switch2Ascentra” campaign, we created a seven foot tall mascot/costume and sent a real, live version of Franklin out into the community to spread the Ascentra message.